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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  December 15, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EST

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threaten a woman he suspected of talking to authorities. that is the problem with americans. they can leave well enough alone until something happened and wondering why we dropped the twin towers like a bad habit. what's the matter, are you scared? do yourself a favor and tell your father to cancel work tomorrow. it's the second time this year someone has been arrested for threatening the metro system. metro ri metro. >> thedo the best they can with the resources they have. >> reporter: jackie benson, news 4 today. if you live in montgomery coty you can use a high-tech tool during winter storms. the cunty has a new on-line
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system. you can enter your address to see the streets near your home and it connects you to 190 real-time cameras so you can see what the roads are like. >> a choice. while they're sitting at home they can make a decision, an informed decision, whether to venture outside their house. >> montgomery invested $160,000 in this new computer system. good idea. >> 4:31 is the time we hop we don't have to use it any time soon. >> we may. >> uh-oh. >> not now. it's clear. and everything is dry. and it is cold. down near 20 degrees throughout the entire region. and the winds have settled down a bit. still, windchil in the teens to single digits. peak wind gusts around 20 miles per hour. so that is certainly bettr. it's going to increase later today.
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right now out of the mountains, teens. near 20 in the bay. lower eastern shore. ov the last 12 hours we have had just a few clouds coming through and now they have cleared out. lots of sun this morning. and bluste winds gusting to near 40 miles per hour again today, similar to yesterday. highs reach 30g degrees. ndchills around 10 degrees. sunrise, 7:19. sunset, 4:47. when is this going to change? it may change in the form of snow perhaps this time tomorrow morning. maybe advancing north through the morning, into e metro area. a dusting to an inch or so. thursday, friday, saturday, in ten minutes >> as we getunder way, clear, dry road surfaces right now. very good news indeed. interstate 66 east out of fair
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oaks, headed to the capital beltway, no hangups. road work closer to the beltway. the lanes should be open within the next 30 minutes or so. 270 southbound frederick on down, the only issue to deal with is as you head south, montgomery village. >> thank you, jerry. the senate could vote today on the obama tax plan. it has strong bipartisan vote in the senate. it would push bush-era tax cuts even for the highest earners. some house democrats, though, said it would benefit the wealthiest americans. >> all the american people are going to borrow that money to give 6,000 families a tax break,
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who are already doing ite well, thank you very much. how many jobs will that create? zero. goose eggs. none >> house democratic leaders want to bring back the 2009 estate tax levels, which could jeopardize the house passage. states are moving ahead with a new health care line striking down a key measure. this week officials from 46 states are coming into the nation's capital to discuss setting up the newly created state-paved insurance exchanges. a virgin judge ruled part of the new health care plan that quires everyone to pie insurance is unconstitutional, saying congress does not have the power to do that. the white house is appealing that decision. they are trying to move the case directly to the.s. supreme court. today the northwest washington nightclub at the center of a death investigation will reopen. dc9 is expected to open tonight.
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the abc bar suspended their liquor license when five employees were arrested after a man died outside the club in november. this morning police are looking for a man they say shot a woman in prince george's county. jerry williams jr. is accused of attempted murder after a woman suffered from a gunshot wound on monday in the 7900 block of oxen hill road. police believe this was the result o a domestic dispute and any information is expected to call the police. a fire swept through a row of town homes. the fire started just before 8:00 last night in the 500 block of garrett and capital heights. firefighters say when they arrived they found fire spreading up to th outside of a
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three-story town home. the two-alarm fire spread to two neighbors to homes. no one was injured and the cause of that fire is still under investigation. the only survivor of a helicopter crash in maryland is filing a lawsuit against the faa. wells was originally injured in a car crash in 2008 a was being flown by medevac when that chopper crashed in district heights because of heavy weather. wells lost her le four others are on board. air traffic controllers failed to get yuf dates on weather and did not properly alert paramedics at the scene of the crash. wells has had more than 30 surgeries. the justice dartment is expected to join in several lawsuits against bp. the government will accuse the oil company of violations of environmentaprotection
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regulations, which could trigger billions of dollars in fines. sounds like a medical miracle. a man who is hiv positive has undergone a blood cell transplant and now shows no sign. the american man had it three yearago. his donor had a gene mutation. today the man has no signs of the cancer or aids virus. before anyone gets too excited the approach is still very risky and is impractical to be used widely. 4:37, 23 degre. ahead on news 4 today, dramatic video from inside a school board meeting. a man pulls a gun and opens fire. julian assange set off a global controver. >> and a forecast that will make you feel cold before you even
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step outside your door. weathe because of one word, imagination and reality have merged. because of one word, a new generation a fifth generation--
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of fighter aircraft has been born. because of one word, america's air dominance for the next forty years is assured. that one word... is how.
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news 4 has made changes to its emergency closing system. if you have not received updated information from us in the past six months or you want to sign up your school, business or church call 202-885-4663 or e-mail closingelp at this is to sign up for the
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system not to close or delay an opening. >>time f weather and traffic on the ones. 41 early on this wednesday morning. good morning. i'm meteorologist tom kierein. clear and cold. right near 20 throughout most of the region. later today making it up to 30 degrees. once again, winds will increase. we may have gust toss 40 miles per hour later this morning and intohe afternoon but quite a bit of sunshine. overnight tonight, increasing clouds. but this time tomorrow, light sn developing. an area of low pressure will be passing through tomorrow. maybe a dusting to perhaps an inch or two light snow during the day on thursday. fast-moving system should be out by tomorrow afternoon. near 30 tomorrow. a bit warmer on friday and saturday. into the upper 30s both days. might get snow on sunday. we'll look at that as well as next week. >>southeast-southwest freeway or 5 traveling between the
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potomac and anacostia ivers, no issues there. i-66, dulles toll road, i-95, 395, clear and dry this morning. unlike yesterday. things looking pretty good there. major roadways, including the g.w. parkway looking good. joe and eun. >> thank you, jerry. our time, 4:42. 22 degrees. still to come, kicked to the curb. who the redskins kicked after sunday's debacle. >> a lucrative heist at one of vegas's most popular casiqaa s n
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our time right now is4:44. here's a look at the top stories we're foowing. a man threaten to go bomb the metro system. a threat was posted on facebook
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that he could use pipe bombs to use in the georgetown neighborhood. dc-9 is to reopen tonight. five employees were arrested after a man died outside that club in october. charges against the men were evenally dropped and the suspension of the liquor license ends today. the senate is expected to vote on a tax cut compromise to extend the bush-era tax cuts, extend unemployment benefits and cut a portion of the payroll test. a routine school board meeting in frida turned into a scary scene after he was angry because his wife wasfired. the entire ordeal was caught by wjhg. we want to warn you now wh you're about to see could be distbing. >> reporter: witnesses say a man identified as clay dukes talked
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briefly with school board members about his wife'sfiring. >> we have nodea who you were talking about. >> she was fired sfwlr after spray painting a regular figure on a nearby wall, duke waved his gun and ordered women and children to leave and took those remaining hostage. >> leave! >> reporter: a female school board member tried to knock the gun out of his hand with a purse. he knocked her to the ground. what you're about to see is disturbing. >> please don't. please don't. please. >> reporter: duke fired his weapon. and although nobody was injured by the initial gunshot, duke was confronted by a security guard. after reviewing video police say duke exchanged gunfire with the guard, then killed himself. >> rounds were expended. the gun he had was reeled. >> reporter: the school board securityaid school board
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meetings for future meetis will be discussed. a city o edge. an investigation is under way. >> and wjhg reports that the security officer who returned fire was taken to a nearby hospital. police in long island are looking for a possible serial killer this morning. four bodies were found along the beach in suffolk county in rent days on oak beach. it could be weeks before police can identify any of the victims. they aren't even sure if there's a connection between them at this point. julian assange is waking up in jail. a judge granted bail but he must wait 48 hours before sweden appeals the decision. he was arrested a week ago because prosecutors in sweden want to question him on sexual assault charges. supporters are trying to raise $300,000 to post bail.
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he is being held unfairly because his website leaked thousands of u.s. documents. "time" magazine's person of the year. reerdz put him in first place. the tea party, chilean miners and lady gaga. readers don't make the pick. coming up on the "today" show, you can find out who is "time" magazine's person of the year. >> pentagon officials believe the 23-year-old private bradley manning is giving classified documents to wikileaks. manning has not admitted to being the source of the leak. the army intelligence enlisted pack was stationed in baghdad. he's charged with illegally downloaded classified documents. former white house chief of
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staff rahm emanuel could in the hot seat this afternoon. he testified for 12 hours yesterday. more than twdozen complained he has not lived in the city for a full year, which a candidate must to to be eligible. he did not forfeit by going to work in washington for two years. once known for act delic excellence, dunbar was dpinch a windowless fa sass in the 1970s. but that's about to change. it will be built on the original dunbar site. the new glass wall building the house 1200 udents, 500 more than it can currently hold and shows the district's commitment to giving d.c. studen a state-of-the-art education. >> we wantur students and our teachers to be able to go to schools that are
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state-of-the-art. it sends a tremendous message to our students and our families when we're able to send them to buildings that befit the kind of education we think they deserve. >> district officials say the school should be ready by 2013. >> it is so long for hunter the punter. redskins cut 12-year veteran hunter smith yesterday, becoming the first victim of the fallout on sunday. smith said if anyone should lose their game it should be him, and it was. smith averaged 40 yards per punt this season. redskins signed sam palesew to replace him. team xeths say mond night's game against the chicago bears will have to be played at the university of minnesota. the meodome roof collapsed on sunday forcing vikings to move to detroit.
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the repairs to the roof would t be completed in time for next ek's game. >> i imagine that's a big job trying to repair that. >> 17 inches of sw on that roof. >> and it could be frigid on a monday night in minnesota. of course they play outdoors in green bay. folks are hardy up there. we have gotten hardy after this incredible cold spell. it continues on this wednesday morning. good morning. right now just near 20 degrees throughout the entire region. weather watchers reporting from shenandoah valley to the atlantic beaches. it's a clear sky this morning. venus will be gleaming brilliantly through the predawn hours. windchills, though, they're right backdown to 10 degrees. air temperatus are around 20, but it feels like upper single digits to around 10. peak wind gusts have been around 20 to 25 miles per hour. just had a gust to nearly 30 miles per hour. some higher gusts at the ridges
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throughout the day. we'll have gusts here likely to 35 to 40 miles per hour later this afternoon and this morning. western maryland, west virginia, temperatures in the low teens. and they got some more snow there yesterday. and this morning, as we take a look at what has been happening, see the streaks of snow coming off the flaix making it into western maryland, western pennsylvania. it is clear from shenandoah vaey to the atlantic beaches. we have high pressure that is moving in. windy late morning and early afternoon setup hre will have highs again near 30 degrees. sunrise, 7:19. sunset, 4:47. a bright waxes move up. after midnight, cloudy by dawn. light snow, especially areas about 25 miles southwest. that may advance into the metro
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area during the day thursday. light snow. a dting to an inch or two at most. highs near 30 tomorrow. sun back on friday. mostly cloudy saturday. highs abe freezing thankfully both days. there may be a coastal storm on sunday. it may be a little farther out to sea than it was looking the last couple days. we could get accumulating snow sunday. cold int next week. tom, at this hour clear, dry road surfaces. good news for those of you getting ready to head out. hopefully much quieter commute than we had yesterday. inner loop of the beltway. outer loop, university boulevard. smooth sailing so far. new york avenue, as you come over the anacostia, bladensburg road, looking pretty good. elsewhere, trip into town, moving along well, rhode island avenue. no issues to report. all the travel lanes open and available. so good news there as well.
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looking good out there, eun. >> so far sogood. travelers may be packing more than just presence when they ride amtrak. starting today, passengerare allowed to check guns and ammunition on their luggage during certain rail cars. first, you must be traveling between stations that offer ecked baggage service. make a reservation no more than 24-hour in advance. weapons must be unloaded and stored in approved containers. amtrak banned weapons after 9/11. three telework centers may be closing. they save a few hundred government employees to commute into the district every day. but federal funding will end in march as president obama signed a bill to increase the number of workers to telecommute.
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the idea is to get more people to work from home. aaa predicts 92.3 million people will travel at least 50 january 2nd. that's up 3% from last year. more than 90% of those people will drive. the average person is expected to spend $700 their trip. >> you will se more than just a christmas nativity on the grounds of the cows at leesburg, virginia. after months of debate of holiday displays,oudon county agreed to allow a miure. last year all displays were banned. luke skywalker will promote jedi-ism. not everybody is happy with had. >> love it. manger. that's the meaning of christmas. i love the christmas scenes.
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now, the other things you're talking about, not so excited about that. >> instead of having a nice christmas look to the cows, beautiful historic cows we ended up with hodgepodge. under the new rules, up to ten permits were issued on a first come, firs served basis. >> 4:50. coming up at 5:00, nationals hoping to put their mark on metro. a daring heist at a vegas casino. ho one lone crook stole more than $1 million. a crime spree
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#. welcome back. a news crew captures an armed robbery at a drive-up atm. look at this froa dallas tv station. you can see the man in the hooded sweatshirt. a few seconds later the driver sped off. there you see the driver speeding off. the man in the hood was seen trying the punch numbers into the atm to get money out. the news crew called lice, the robber was arrested it's thought to be the same suspect in a previous crime. one of las vegas's poshest casinos is looking for a man who st


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